March 2016.

Terminology / Lingo Associated

If you are a keen observer and do extensive research about a niche, you will find some words they are connected to and lingo that they commonly use. This words can be arranged together to convey a meaning and bring out a strong message in your design.

Have a look at the following examples:

Design 1: Human Reseource(HR) professionals generally do multi tasking at their workplace playing roles of Event Planners, Mentors, Peace makers etc. The following design reflects the feeling of HRs and it makes them proud wearing it.

Design 2: A T-Shirt campaign targeting a college alumni. The campaigner has put down the lingo associated with the niche arranged in a good typographical design. This establishes an emotional connect with the niche and makes them buy the product.

Intersecting Niches / Subset of Niches:

Sometimes when you run out of ideas for a niche you can try intersecting two niches.

Consider the following two designs made targeting two niches:

A) BULLET – MADE FOR LEGENDS:For the people who are passionate about riding a Royal Enfield Bullet. These are subset of people who love the bike Bullet Specifically and feel legedary riding it.

B) BIKE EXPEDITION:T-shirt made by our campaigner to celebrate successful Himalayan bike trip.


Design A is for people who love bullet and Design B is for people who took a Himalayan Bike trip, essentially this is an intersection of audiences interested in BIKES and HIMALAYAN ADVENTURE.

From the following diagram you can observe how design ideas have come from targeting a subset niche and intersection niches.

Spin Off Designs

When your niche has a limited audience our you are exhausted with ideas to promote them, try to make modifications and create spin off designs targeting different designs.

Here is an example how a campaiger has made spin off designs with one template

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Now that you know your potential customers, it’s time to take a deep dive and find out what interests them? what they would like to wear? what quotations they like? etc.

Over the decades, t-shirts have become a powerful medium to show who you are – some like to spread a message, some like to show their belonging to an institution, some like to flaunt their attitude, some like to show their love, passion towards their hobby / profession. Each t-shirt has its own message!

Here are some ways through which you get ideas for designing products for your niche:

Start with yourself…THINK!!

Begin with something close to you. If you’re mad about Yoga, this might be a good audience to focus on for your first campaign as you could already have some initial insights about the best demographic details you should focus on like gender, age, location, and marital status.



You can talk to your Friends who are passionate about things they do, find out what excites them, observe what Facebook pages they liked, communities they are part of. Make sure you join such communities, online discussions to have a finger on the pulse.

T-Shirt Websites

T-Shirt websites are a great source to get your design ideas.They catalogue their products as per the top selling niches and you can get some really cool inspirations. Some platforms also give you the sale numbers which is a good indication of popuarity or acceptance of design pattern and the size of that particular niche.

You can refer the following websites for design inspirations but make sure not to violate any trademark or copyrights.

You can also go to Indian shopping sites likes, Flipkart, Myntra to search for tshirts and sort by popularity to find the best sellers

Social Media

Have a look at social media as well. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr can be great sources of inspiration.

Take Pinterest, for example. You can search for specific things like Bike Tshirts, Pet Tshirts, Yoga Tshirts etc to find real examples of tees. In your browser you can type in
source: pinterest < websitename > to see tshirt designs pinned from several websites.

Facebook has improved search functionality recently. Go to the search bar and type an interest. Example searching for #fitness gave me the following results. You can search for similar hash tags in Instagram as well.


Search is the easiest and quickest way to get awesome designs and give you a one shot view at products that can be found online.

Say if you want design ideas for Photography niche, try googling keywords like Photography Tshirts, Photography Tshirt Designs. You get some really cool ideas

Quote Websites

Quotes convey more stronger feelings of a niche. You can use lot of quotes available online to get ideas and to observe the typography.

Searching for Photography Quotes in Google Images gave me the following the results

You can also refer the following Quote websites and select a category to get good quotes related to a niche.

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