July 2016.

Radheram (1)

Meet Radhe Ram, a super enthusiastic campaigner at MDS. He campaigning journey started way back in 2015 and he has been a very active campaigner since then. Radhe is a Mechanical Design Engineer currently located at Singapore. 

Recently, we spoke to him about his experience with us. Below, we have transcribed the conversation we had with him.

Q) Tell us a little bit more about you

Hi myself Radhe. I am working as a Mechanical Design Engineer in Singapore.e1f7a21e5b471b434a71b9522d2a745d52f95b4052538940ff01d7b1d1c5bf90

Q) How did you come to know about My Dream Store

All credits to my friend Sachin Raj for introducing me to this platform.

Q) Why did you decide to launch a t-shirt campaign

I saw many campaigners and my friends doing very good at MDS .So I also decided  to try it out.

Q) How did you promote your t-shirt

Facebook Ads helped me the most in promoting my Tee. I would like to thank Nikhil and Sumanth from the MDS team for assisting me patiently throughout.

Q) How was your experience with My Dream Store?

It has been an awesome experience till date. I feel proud to be a campaigner at MDS.

Q) If you have sold earlier on other platforms what is the difference you have felt with selling on My Dream Store ?

The Major plus with MDS is its team members. They are extremely cooperative and helpful.

Q) What are the things that you like about My Dream Store ?

I think it’s a good and easy platform to start your own business,earn money and fulfill your dreams.

Q)  What advice do you give to fellow campaigners?

Be patience and never give up. At first selling wouldn’t be easy.it wasn’t easy for me too but I tried hard.My “never give up’’ attitude helped me achieve success.

Q) What are your future plans (General / plans with MDS)

I wish to continue being a part of MDS.

Q) What new products/features would you like to see on MDS platform?

I would love to see Polo-Tees and Jackets in the product line. And most importantly to make buyers happy delivery has to be done on time.

Inspired by Radhe Ram’s story?  Want to get featured in upcoming Campaigner Chronicles? Connect with us, go through My Dream Store University to master the art of t-shirt selling. Test your campaigns see what works and what doesn’t. Never ever give up!

See you until next time. Happy campaigning!