October 2016.

Truth Revealed!

Over the past few days we have been reading your comments regarding dispatch and post dispatch issues for the orders. There has been constant voice around transparency of status updates. There are two kinds of issues broadly

  1. Dispatch pending from My Dream Store
  2. Product Dispatched by My Dream Store but not delivered to customer

Dispatch pending from My Dream Store

We have dispatched all the orders pending from our side.  We had some maroon color hoodies that were pending till day before yesterday which are also cleared as of now. As on 24/10/16 the report of orders that are not dispatched from our side are 667.

So why is campaign report showing Not Dispatched ?

We recently made the campaign status report live which contains each order status. There were two issues which are being addressed.  The first issue being Campaign status is being shown as dispatched where as all products are not yet dispatched. To avoid confusion we removed campaign status and we are showing only order status and fixing issue one. To give a background of second issue, when we send a shipment out there are 150 service codes which logistics companies return back like ( in transit, out for delivery, pick up incomplete, manifested ) etc. We need to map these codes back to simple statuses. There were some issues with this tracking system hence we still declared product in beta. We are working closely with our logistics partner to fix this technical issue. The tentative date for fixing this is 31/10/16.

Product Dispatched by My Dream Store but not delivered to customer

Like we mentioned above the tracking system in tech is broken. We do a direct deep integration to our logistics partners.  We are figuring out the issue and we are hopeful to fix it by the weekend.  Regarding service issues our logistics team is coordinating on a daily basis to follow up on thousands of shipments, interacting with consumers and logistics partners and ensuring delivery happen.

I want to know more tell me….

Why is My Dream Store not fighting with courier companies ?

  • In Fact we are fighting with them each day. We just got our COD handling charges down. We are working on returns and tracking all the 150 NSL codes each day and finding resolutions. We got down our return rate to under 20% which is one of the lowest numbers in Industry. The avg number of attempts we are doing for delivering each product is 5. In some cases we have even done 8-9 attempts. We are a small brand fighting these logistics tycoons, there are hardly any options than Fedex, Ecom Express and Delhivery. So we choose to improve whom we work with . Fix our systems and deliver best results. The situation is improving continually and Indian logistics looks bright in the next 3 years.
Courier company Delivery service for prepaid Delivery service for CoD Technology quality Service levels Price
FedEx Awesome Bad Good Good Normal
DTDC Bad NA Avg Bad Low
Delhivery Good Good Good Good Normal
Ecom Express Bad Good Bad Good High
Bluedart Awesome Bad Good Good High
First Flight Bad Bad Bad Bad Low

How do we trust your data ?

We deal with thousands of orders each day and there is a lot of deep technology integration with various departments, vendors, sellers and consumers. We do not indulge in any manual updation of database entries as it would corrupt the data even for our own use.  We respect the value of your data. We believe that understanding the inefficiencies and appreciating your candid inputs will help us grow this company more valuable.  We have thousands of technology jobs running around the system as of now. Even after rigorous testing there might be some unforeseen use cases or sometimes our third party dependencies break down. We as engineers understand that breaking is a part of making things happen. We are proud of the journey we had with you so far and we want to be equally proud in the future. Hence we do not engage in any such practices that provide short term benefits.

Each time My Dream Store is giving answers but are you serious about fixing things ?

We are core team of engineers.  Like Peter Thiel says we believe in doing things 10x better than others. For some of you who know, to print a T-shirt involves as many as 15 small jobs.  This looks extremely simple but intensely compound when we scale. We do a lot of optimizations day in day out to squeeze out lead time, wastage and hundreds of challenges around it.  The problem becomes even more interesting with the floating inventory, multiple suppliers and the payouts model.  We have been building this product with passion for 18 months and we are still perfecting it and the hunger to make it better is equally there as it was then. We do not see our product as sub standard compared to the American products. Indian market poses its own set of challenges like cash on delivery we try to do the best we can.

Ufff! creating the best designs, using the Fb pixel, boosting ads, finding the target audience, making good conversions, retention schemes etc etc etc have been the buzz words all this while!! Agree??

Besides designing and marketing, we’ve been exploring other avenues to bring in sales and tried the idea of adding a fashion sense to the looks.

How differently could one wear a TEE and make a style statement of oneself, how to both don a superhero tee and yet look chic, how could one wear one’s favourite music band and also get a few heads turned.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into how to chic-ify these looks!

Feel the heat on your shoulders!

Nothing says vacation ready like the white off the shoulder top and get ready to feel the sun on your shoulders!

Black is the new trend!

Bold is Beautiful! Which is your signature all-black clothing?

 Shopping Bee

THE Shopaholic..!!


It’s not an addiction. It’s an experience.

Mini’s and Neons

A flash of fluorescent is all you need to spice it up.

Pull off the Geek Chic Trend

Incorporating geek chic elements into your ensemble would make this librarian-esque look easy to rock.

THE Badass me!

WHY SHALL BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN! Call it SWAG, call it attitude, ready to pull it off with style.


‘’Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday’’

                                                                                                                          – Steve Jobs

In an attempt to give a better tomorrow to our campaigners we at MDS are continuously working towards building a sustainable technology. As we started scaling, we  realized some challenges with the existing Payout system which we wished to solve:

– Earlier the campaign hit payout only when all the products are delivered/ returned. We call it as a campaign level settlement. Being a campaign level settlement, even if a single order wouldn’t get delivered (due to buyer unavailability/ transit issues) payouts would be on hold causing delayed payouts. Eg : Campaign got successful & 121 products are sold, 110 delivered, 9 returned, 2 are still in transit even after 10 days. Sometimes logistics cause issues like these.- Campaigners willing to start new campaigns couldn’t start off due to lack of funds caused by delayed payouts.

We figured out that this kind of payout settlement of your payouts was barring you from receiving your deserved profits on time. Hence, we have created an all new payout system which takes care of all the above challenges and many more additional benefits.

– It’s an order level settlement. Now you are paid on weekly basis for the products that are delivered till certain point of time.

– It’s a weekly cycle and hence campaigners will always have enough funds to start new campaigns.

Following is a detailed view of how the changes look like.


Each of your campaign block now contains a ‘’Campaign ID’’ which should be used as a reference number for that particular campaign while inquiring about that campaign with us.


On clicking on your campaign block you will now see the options as shown below. You will now be able to download a detailed ‘’Campaign Report’’ which will help you track payouts at an order level.

Payout 1 final


a) Payout Earned: Total payout you have earned from the campaign

=(Products delivered*Profit per product-affiliate charges)-TDS

b) Affiliate Charges: It’s the amount that goes to your affiliate from your profit for every sales from the affiliate link provided, the affiliate link is enabled.

For Eg : Say, Base Price and Selling Price of the product is 300 and 500 respectively. Therefore profit per product is 200. Lets consider you sold 5 products out of which 2 were sold through affiliate link. Now, your profits would look as follows:

Payout 2

c) Payout Paid: Amount paid to you as payout out of the total amount earned.

d) Campaign status: .Your campaign  can be any of the following stage: Ordered, Production, Started, Printing, Dispatched, In Transit, Delivered.

e) Campaign Report: Your ‘’Campaign Report’’ will be an excel sheet and will contain multiple parameters which can help you understand the demographics, purchase behavior of your buyers better. This will also bring in transparency.

It also has payout date – which represents when the payout for that particular order has been processed by us. You can estimate the payout amount you would be getting which will help you plan your marketing budget for future campaigns.

How to use the Campaigner Report:

This ‘’Campaigner Report’’ will be providing you with lot of other important data that will help you improve your targeting and shoot up your sales.

– Information about Product, Color, Size, and Quantity will help you analyze which product is in demand and what you should feature in your Ad banner while promoting the campaign.

-Purchase Date will help you analyze the days when the purchase activity is high and hence start you Ad campaigns accordingly.

-The State and City will help you figure out your location targeting.


With this update we are moving into an order level payout system. Your payout will be rolled out on the same day of every week.

Say, if you received your first payout under this system on a Monday, you would be receiving your payouts on Mondays of every week. A particular payout will contain the profits you earned from the products that got delivered since the last payout till that particular payout. You can get the payout of a product 8 days after the delivery of the product.

This feature is currently in its beta version and hence you may contact us in case of any issues. For further clarification regarding any feature feel free to contact me at swati@mydreamstore.in .