Here’s to all those who believe in the FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. Here’s to all those who believe that when Gangu makes fun of Mangu, and both are laughing about it, Ramlaal Kaka need not interfere with his morality lessons, saying “Hey you two, learn to respect Indian culture, else I am going to beat you up. I beat my wife daily and I am well used to it. So do not Challenge me. “ Here’s to all those who believe that 66A is draconian. And the misinterpretation of it for personal satisfaction is in its own way – exploitation. Here’s to all those who despise the moral police, who say “Your job is to please me and entertain me. You should live as per our rules else we will sue you”

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And as you all know I am talking about the recent AIB ROAST. If you are one of those who is not so uptight, that you are looking for morality in the cabbage that you bought, I am sure you would have enjoyed THE SHOW.  For me ROFL was just a chat lingo, until I watched the ROAST. There were many moments, where in I had to pause the video to laugh my guts out and then get back.

Mind you, this is intelligent comedy and you have to surpass a certain level of IQ to understand it. Well, writing such comedy is the next level. And that’s the first thing that I have learnt to appreciate about AIB’s, their intelligence.  Definitely, does not suit the taste of those used to shit and fart comedy rampant in Bollywood. Remember “ ithne ched karoonga… “ . I believe the moral police are laughing at the mere mention of this stupid joke.

Further, it was not aired on national TV or issued in public interest. There was a warning before the video starts and the AIB’s never failed to repeat it – ‘THE ROAST IS RUDE, OBSCENE AND OFFENSIVE’. They were not making fun of anybody’s grandmother, but themselves. It was a private show, where consenting adults bought tickets, volunteered and laughed at themselves. Not to forget the charity funds they raised, at the cost of their ego. As per me, “jigar hona chahiye bhaya”(need to have guts)


The times have changed. The generation today does not idolize the film stars and the best part – neither the film stars themselves.  It’s a welcoming change in this country, where we learn to discriminate people right from the birth.  Where there are casts within casts and there is always someone superior and someone inferior. Hence any sense of equality irks the moral police.

According to them, the superior have to remain superior. Any change in this behavior shatters their system of discrimination. So celebrities have to be distant and superior. Alleged lower casts have to be subordinated. Women should be mellow. Further, Sex is impure and must not be talked about.  Sex education must not be taught in schools .The moral police might deny, but this is the root of all their hatred. And hence, if anyone attempts to be independent of these rules, they would not take it easy.

There are in numerous traditional, cultural and religious practices in India which have a very adverse effect on the psyche of people, especially the youngsters. But that’s Indian culture, hence fine with the hypocritic moral police.

But the voice of AIB needs to be quelled, that’s not Indian culture.

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Apparently the use of cuss words injured the moral police ego. I wonder how many of those have never used the ‘F’ word (in their own particular language) or wished worse things for others. I wonder which saint led this movement.

I believe it’s another bunch of hypocritic, egomaniacsthat use Indian culture at their disposal. Here’s to all those who oppose these egomaniacs

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Guest Author – Kiran Mortha