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Add to Cart Retargeting fetched us 146 conversions at INR 18 each.

Retargeting people who’ve added the products to cart, but didn’t purchase can give very fruitful results. Find the results of an experiment which we did. We’ve got 146 conversions at INR 18 each. This is how you capture the audience – In the audience section, go to Create Audience, click Website Traffic, Click on custom combination and do as per the image shared. Once enough Audience is populated (min 50), start a conversion ad with page post mentioning “Did you forget to buy? Here is your last chance to grab. Order here – ” with a budget of 40 to start with.


Always stress on leveraging Assets which you’ve built by facebook advertising. Here are top 3 things, I work on:
1. People who visited campaign page
2. People who purchased
3. People who engaged on your FB Page or Post from which you are doing ads

Today we will talk about the 3rd point. When we got an idea – we’ve created a FB page around that niche & started doing ads (page post photo ad). We’ve got around 50k engagement on a specific page post, however, only 3k audience visited the campaign page. Others just liked the post and left. When someone likes the post, high chances that he might be interested in the product or information related to that niche. But the timing of the ad was not right. Earlier we had no option on reaching back the people who engaged on the page but didn’t visit the website.

Facebook have started offering this feature ‘Create Audience – Engagement on Facebook Page’. Now you can capture the audience who engaged with the content of your page (ad/ post/ like/ comment/ share etc). And trust me – this is a goldmine if you are working on a passionate niche.

Here is how you create this audience:

Go to Audiences –> Create Audience — > Custom Audience –> Engagement on Facebook — > Page — > Everyone who engaged with your page –> Create.

Attached is the screenshot of an experiment which we did targeting people who engaged with the page but didn’t make the purchase. Results were pretty good. We’ve got 370 conversions around INR 90 each (Tees @ 599, Hoodies @ 1199). Just for information, we’ve got the first 150 conversions at INR 50 each. We’ve tested targeting ads to the people who engaged on facebook but didn’t purchase for various niches. Every time results surprised us with brilliant conversion costs.

If you’re targeting specific niche – always create a page related to the niche/ post relevant content related to the niche & keep the audience engaged with your content. It only takes 15 mins of time a week to start with.

‘’Do it with passion or don’t do it at all’’ is what Jigar has to say to all!

Jigar and his wife Ami decided to pursue a career on My Dream Store 11 months back. Little had they known that there was magic in store.

Let’s head back to 2014 where it all started. ‘’I remember ordering hoodies for my college batch from Esparsha (Name prior to My Dream Store). I am well acquainted with Karthik since then ’’ recollects Jigar.

Jigar began with monetising on the several humour and entertainment pages that he owns. ‘’Éach of my page had traffic ranging from 3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs. I started using these pages to sell traffic by posting links from websites like ‘’NextSoup’’ and ‘’The StoryPedia’’ and began earning’’ says Jigar.

As the saying goes ‘’Networking is an essential part of building wealth’’, that’s exactly what clicked here too! In 2015, Karthik (CEO of My Dream Store) mentioned about My Dream Store to Jigar, who by then began working in an MNC. ‘’I started with campaigns on humour niche and posted them on my pages but nothing clicked! I had been working with Facebook pages since 2010 hence I believed that organic reach would easily get me sales.But I was wrong!’’ states Jigar.

Jigar got introduced to Facebook Ads in 2016. He then discovered its potential and resorted to Youtube and several blogs for seeking help.On digging deeper into Facebook Ads he gained a grip on how this works. ‘’I decided to start with a broader niche and picked ‘’Birthdays’’ as my first. I struggled a lot! Cost of conversion was always higher than my profits. I failed in targeting April birthdays. I did not give up. In May, I did several experiments costing huge amounts. but I got the best ad sets possible.I sold 3000 tees on June birthdays in just 17 days and recovered all the losses of my previous campaigns’’ laughs Jigar. This was Jigars breakthrough!

In the upcoming months Jigar dived into the game completely! Be it Relationships,Professions, Hobbies , Fan arts etc..he tried them all and achieved enormous success in each and every niche.

This is how his dashboard looks like!

Out of the total number of tees he sold,10000 were just from birthday niche!

‘’In this entire journey My wife has given me immense support throughout. As I am a part-time campaigner, It becomes tough for me to manage the campaigns alone everyday. But my wife keeps track of all my campaigns daily. Without her support this wouldn’t be possible. Now, I work in MDS for 1 and half hour in the morning and 3 hrs after my office. My wife has started launching her own campaigns recently as well.’’

  Jigar’s and Ami’s part-time income from My Dream Store is now helping them travel places. They have shared few of their travel moments with us. Their commitment and passion towards campaigning makes us feel immensely satisfied to have build this platform and change  people’s lives in such a way!

Discounts are a great way to draw people to your product page. Now you can also create discount coupons for your campaigns and improve your sales.

Here is a quick guide on how to create and track discount coupons from your Mydreamstore dashboard.

How to Create & View Discounts?

Step 1:
Login to your My Dream Store account.

Step 2: Click on ‘My Account’‘Discount Dashboard’.

Step 3: Click ‘Create Discount’ button. Select the Campaign for which you want to create the discount code.

Step 4: Enter the name of the discount code (For Example: GET50) in the ‘Discount coupon’ section. Enter the Value of Discount (For Example here Rs 50 is the discount amount) in ‘Discount Value’ section and select the Validity of the Discount in ‘Valid Till’ section. Click on ‘Create Discount’ button.

Note: You can create only one discount coupon per campaign.

Step 5: In the ‘View Discounts’ section you can view the current discount codes created as shown in the image below.

Click the ‘Modify’ button to extend or reduce the duration of the code or even ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ the coupon code by clicking the corresponding button.

Step 6: Under ‘Discounts History’ section, you can get information on Quantity of Products for which Discount is applied by buyers, Discount Value and Product Types for individual Campaigns.

Select the required Campaign from Drop down list box to get the required information.

So what you are waiting for? Go and Explore the Feature and start giving discounts to your buyers and make more conversions than usual. Login to your Mydreamstore account and start experimenting the discounts feature.

What is Campaign Analytics?

Campaign analytics helps you understand the funnel data and demographics data for your campaigns. From the campaign analytics, One can get insights on Total views, Add to Carts, Products sold. It also gives information regarding referral sources, locations and Creating referral links.

This enables you to identify the best channels, sources that are driving sales and help you in optimizing your ad campaigns.

How to access Campaign Analytics?

Step 1: Login to MyDreamStore’s account. Switch to Campaigner dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Analytics icon “of the particular campaign for which the analytics is to be obtained.

Step 3: You are on the “analytics page” right now.  The analytics page will show data of total sales and view your campaign have got.

The below image shows the Number of Products Sold and Total number of Views your campaign has received. You can also select the time period of the data.

‘Track Conversions’ section breaks the data by product type and shows info regarding Add to Carts as well. Here you can also create trackable URL for your perusal. For Example, You can create different source URLs for Facebook Ads, Mailers, Twitter and track channel wise performance. Please read more about Trackable URL here – https://goo.gl/Y7W9dR

The “Referrers” section display the Source of traffic. (For Ex., Facebook or Google or Direct Traffic etc.)

The below gives your info on top cities visiting your campaign.

Hi Users,

We are working on features that give more freedom, flexibility for our campaigners to manage their online business more easily. Introducing two new feature updates for this month,

1) Payment Mode Conversion

2) Universal Level Affiliate

Payment Mode Conversion

Now campaigners have the freedom to toggle between the two Payment mode options ‘Prepaid Only’ and ‘Prepaid + Cash on Delivery’ for their campaigns.

Using this feature, say you have launched a campaign in ‘Prepaid Only’ mode you can later change to ‘Prepaid + COD’  and you have launched your campaign with ‘Prepaid + COD’ option you can switch to accept ‘Prepaid Only ‘ orders.

To change your Payment Mode, Go to your Dashboard, click on Campaign settings button.

Now, click on the Payment Mode Conversion tab. In case your campaign was previously enabled to accept only Prepaid orders,  here you will see the option to switch to take both prepaid and COD orders.

You can do this by clicking the ‘Enable Prepaid + COD’ button as shown below,

In case now you want to enable just the Prepaid orders click on the ‘Enable Prepaid Only’ button.
One Click Affiliate

One Click Affiliate helps you mark all your campaigns Affiliate Enabled with just a click. Please read more about Affiliate Feature here – https://goo.gl/ecB05e

To use this feature, login into your My Dream Store dashboard, Click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘Profile Settings’.

In the Campaign Settings menu, tick the box ‘Make all my Campaigns Affiliate Enabled’.

Will update you with much more exciting feature updates next month. Keep visiting this blog!

We always have a lot of questions in our mind on how to go about making a campaign successful, which ad to launch first, WC or PPE, the right budget to start with, ways to reduce conversion cost, pixel optimization, retargeting methods, scaling techniques…lots and lots of questions!!

Well, we heard you and hence, have started our Youtube Live- Fb Ads Queries series to get them all resolved.

Here we have all the questions we received earlier today in our Youtube Live –Fb ads Queries Episode 1, all collated together.

1.  What are Re-targeting Ads? How to create audience for Re-targeting/ATC? What should be the minimum audience size to start Re-targeting Ads

Retargeting ads helps one  target people who have clicked on your link or added the product to cart but, haven’t made a purchase. You can create audience by going to Audience section in your adverts manager this way:

Create audience => Custom audience => Website traffic => People who visit specific webpages but not others => and provide URL and exclude people visited the page that fall under any of the following key words

COD, thank_you,product/cash_on_delivery, product/checkout-success/

Here’s a screenshot of How to Create an “add to cart audience “:

For effective running of your ads, there has to be a minimum audience size of 1000 for clicks and 400 for add to cart.

2. Once a design is tested with PPE Ads, when can we decide that it is successful and go ahead with a Website Conversion? Also should we stop the PPE while launching the Website Conversion or continue it?

Once you have waited one or two days with PPE ads do check the following parametersCTR (Click through rate) > 1 , good likes. Also do check if you have got good number of comments and shares for the product which implies that people are interested in your product. Then you can start your website conversion ad from 3rd day.You can stop the PPE ad if you have got good number of likes but haven’t got conversions.

3. When a Conversion ad starts optimizing for view content & once we get a decent Add to Carts, should we switch to ATC optimization?

You can duplicate the ad and start fresh ads with Purchase as standard event, since the View Content Ad is optimized only for view content and not for purchases. It’s always better to create a new ad instead of editing the same ad.

4. Do you recommend Instagram Ad? Is it better than Facebook Ad?

You can go with Instagram as placement in your Facebook Ad itself,  as you can find more passionate audience on Instagram.We cannot say that it is better than facebook ads but it does help you reach more people who could convert on your ad post.

5. What is the difference between a Traffic Ad (website clicks ) & Website Conversion Ad ?

A website click ad is optimized for getting more clicks of the advert whereas a website conversion ad is optimized for getting more sales.

6. What budget is better, lifetime budget or daily budget?

To start with, all marketeers start with a Daily budget itself. In case of daily budget, Facebook will spend your daily budget at the appropriate time throughout the day. You won’t be charged more than your daily budget in the day. Whereas in lifetime budget, it will spend over the course of your set duration.

Daily budget is better to analyze on a daily basis as to how much did you spend vis-a-vis many conversions, add to basket you got for your each day’s spent.

7. How do you start to optimize your ads and break it down various parameters to duplicate/scale it? And every new adset we make, do we exclude the custom website visits from it?

Once your parent ad gives good conversion, duplicate it without disturbing the parent ad. Set a higher budget for the duplicate ad. Analyse the various breakdown parameters and start an Adset for the parameter which has given good conversion amongst a particular age group, placement, or gender (if applicable) .

There is no particular first step, if for ex, Age 18-24, Gender – Men, Placement – Instagram has good conversions start an ad set with that combination. If 18-45, Men, Device – Mobile – Facebook news feed gave good conversion , go for that combination.

If you are doing a Lookalike audience targeting you can exclude original audience from it. For ex. in case of Lookalike Campaign visits, exclude Campaign visits form it.

8. Once we duplicate the ad, should we stop the parent ad?

No, do not stop the parent ad after duplicating it as long as it is giving good conversions at the cost you require. After a few days, stop it when it does not give the required conversions.

9.  Difference between view content/ add to cart/ purchase event Pixel functions? should we also run conversion ad on view content and add to cart?

View Content pixel page view is how many times your campaign page or storefront was viewed.

Add to cart pixel will track how many added your product to their Cart upon viewing it Purchase pixel will be fired after checkout process happens when thank you message appears.

Initially to start with do a Purchase/Conversion ad, to scale up after you have made a decent number of sales, can try add to cart and view content ads.

10.  In the cheat sheets you have given number of interests, Should we target them in the interests itself or narrow down ?

In the cheat sheets provided, it is targeting is given in form of Option 1, Option 2 for ads-sets you can do. It can further be narrowed by intersecting with Online Shopping, Men’s clothing, Hoodie/T-shirt, Online shopping sites as stated in the Tips. It is always better to do A/B testing, capitalize on the better performing adsets.

11. How Facebook Pixel Works?

The facebook pixel allows to track how many times a webpage have been viewed (visits) by customers. Facebook pixel is a little piece of code that should be inserted in the pages of your website.

Pixels can also be used to track conversion. You will be able to know which user, from which page of your site lead to a conversion, also if he/she just visited the page and did not click on your tracking link.

12. What Are Custom Conversions?

Custom Conversions allow marketers to track and optimize for conversions without adding anything to the Facebook pixel code that is already on your site. This replaces the conversion pixels you’ve been placing on individual success pages.

Custom conversion can track:

  • View Content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration

13. What is the basis/criterion to kill the ads for Conversion Ads?

Conversion Ads: Never rely on one day data. Give time for Facebook to optimize the Ad delivery. If you are starting a new niche with moderate budgets wait for atleast 2-3 days. If you get sales at good cost then no issues, if there are no sales then look for other metrics like CTR(Link), CPC(Link), Add to Cart etc and based on these take necessary action.


Ideal CTR(Link) > 1%

Ideal CPC(Link) < 5 Rs

Low CTR – Not a Good Creative or targeting is bad.

High CPM – Try out a different audience, slightly broadening the audience size.

If there is high engagement & low link clicks – Right audience, product might not be attractive and the proposition you are making in the ad copy might not be attractive. Change the ad copy completely & avoid more text in the new creative.

If there is high engagement, high link clicks and No Sales – Right audience, attractive product and traffic is coming to your campaign page but no sales. This may happen when the buyer is not happy with the pricing or he has very limited options to choose in terms of product type, colors and payment options.

If there is low engagement & low link clicks – Wrong audience & Creative is not attractive. Change both the targeting & creatives in Ad Campaigns.

14. What is Conversion Window? What is difference between 1 day & 7 day Conversion Window?

Conversions window helps you tell what results you value so that Facebook optimizes the ad delivery to find more of that type who can convert on your Ads.

A conversion window is the length of time between someone clicking or viewing your ad and completing an action you’ve defined as a conversion.

If you’re optimizing for conversions, the following conversion windows are available:

  • 7 days after a click
  • 1 day after a click
  • 1 day after a view and 1 day after a click (combined)
  • 1 day after a view and 7 days after a click (combined)

If Conversion Window is 1 day, Facebook will optimize ad delivery by using data from conversions that happen within 1 day of someone interacting with your Ad.

Similarly if conversion window is 7 day, Facebook will optimize ad delivery by using data from conversions that happen within 7 day of someone interacting with your Ad.

15. How do I target people with birthdays in April, May, etc? How to segment them? Should we narrow down the audience? What should I use to narrow it down?

There is an option available for targeting People Born in Specific Month. You find it in Demographics –> Life Events –> Birthday –> Birthday in 04 April.

The audience size is huge for Birthday in April. We can segment the audience size based on Age, Gender, Cities etc.

To narrow the audience size you can use these targeting options:

  • Birthday in 04 April + Online Shopping
  • Birthday in 04 April + Online Shopping + Men’s Clothing (Targeting Only Men)
  • Birthday in 04 April + Men’s Clothing
  • Birthday in 04 April + Online Shopping + Other Apparel Ecom Sites

You can experiment with all these combinations. You can Scale the campaigns accordingly for whichever is working good.

16. What is the Ideal Cost Per Engagement for PPE Ad?

Ideal Cost per Engagement for PPE Ad should be less than 1 Re.

If Cost per Engagement is more than 1 Re, then the targeted audience & creative used in Ad Post must be bad. Change the targeting and ad creative.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for Episode 2. We will inform you shortly!